Teacher During the Day, Poet by Night.

You have the power to change the world, don’t let the world change you.

My name is Deonte’ Earl Towner and I am a high school English teacher and Poetry & Prose published book author. I graduated with my AA degree in Linguistics (Hartnell CC) Bachelors in English Education in 2015 (CSULB), Single Subject Credential in 2017 (CSULB) and in 2019 a Masters in Education (CSUDH). I am an advocate for the Black & Brown community. I have been teaching since 2015.

I am a writer of three published poetry and prose books. My first book is called Pieces in the Dark: Turn the Light On, my second book is called Secretly Unhappy: Please don’t tell and my third book is called Fading Into the Clouds. Those books took a lot out of me emotionally because I put all my pain, sadness, hurt, anger, tears, joy and happiness in those books. I have sold thousands of copies by all the love and support from the community. Please click the tab option that says books if you would like to purchase a copy of my poetry and prose collection.

In 2018 I was featured on the Steve Harvey show. I won 10,000 dollars for school supplies. I was able to bless my students to go to prom, senior jackets and athletic clothes for sports. Also, I am a social media influencer. I speak on Mental Health, perform comedy and spread positivity on social media. My goal is to lift the spirits of the people so they can have a positive outlet to look at without all the politics and rage in the world. With the finances I get from my books God told me to use it to give back to my students and others in the community when they are in financial need. We are on this earth to spread love and positivity. We all must do our part.