I Promise That I Will Always Remember My Self-Worth she said to me…

Today I went on a hike with a friend. She is new to the Los Angeles area. I met her when I was in Costa Rica with my family in the lobby. We added each other on Snap chat and stayed in contact ever since. It has been 2 years and finally we meet again. She hit me up on New Years letting me know that she moved to LA. I was stunned because I thought that she was lying. She then gave me her address and said “Hey let me know when you are free.” I then told her that I will pick her up on Saturday morning for a hike.

I couldn’t wait for her to get into my car because I had so many questions waiting for her. It is always exciting to meet up with someone who just moved to LA because I have lived in the city for 4 years now and I know so much this area has to offer. It is also a time to empower newbies to the city because so many of my friends moved back home when LA devoured them. She has big dreams and goals ahead of her. I began to pick her brain a little and ask her numerous questions. I wanted to understand where her head was at and how she was feeling emotionally and spiritually. She told me that she is very nervous about her big move to LA. I began to give her some words of encouragement. I then explained to her that she is on a new chapter of her life. New chapters are always fun and exciting. At times they can be scary and confusing. I asked her to make some proclamations and promises to herself.

“I promise that I wont make the same mistakes that I made back in Philly”

“I promise that  I wont sell my self short”

“I promise that I will always remember my self-worth”

“I promise to always put God first”

“I promise that I wont allow this city to run me away”

“I promise to always remember what my parents taught me growing up.”

“I promise to stop down playing my dreams.”

The reason we must make promises and proclamations in our lives because truth be told unexpected things will happen in our lives. There will be times where we feel super lonely. There will also be times where it seems like we are running on empty. There will be times where we feel like mother nature is against us. There will be times where it feels like we have to compromise who we are for our dreams. It is always important to stay strong and determined. We must keep fighting for who we are in a world that constantly wants to change us. Besides we can’t give up because there is someone out there depending on us. If we can’t make it that soul out there just might give up because they were looking up to us.

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