Hooter’s Girl Cries Help

Have you ever heard of the saying “God works in mysterious ways?” I will never forget this day. My brother in Christ needed some encouragement in his life so I decided to take him on a hike and then after we planned on going to get something to eat at Chick-Fil-A, but somehow


we ended at Hooters at 9:54pm. I am not a big fan of Hooters because the food is over priced, and it’s not that good. My friend he’s beginning to see all the attractive workers walking around with their short shorts and he’s beginning to get really excited because every type of girl he’s attracted to is there. Mind you him and his girlfriend just broke up so he is really excited to meet someone. The waitresses makes him jealous by giving me a kiss on the cheek. He then gets jealous and says what about me? She says “nope” and gives him a flirtatious smile as she walks away.

The waitress would sit down with us here and there to have conversation with us. She was flirtatious, comical and very charismatic. As our food came out I noticed her on the side crying and giving her manager and other employees hugs. She looked very sad but every time she would talk to my boy and I the tears would disappear.

I was beginning to wonder why she was crying. Did her boyfriend keep cheating on her? Did she feel like she was so far from God that he didn’t hear her? Did she lose her purpose in life and stop going after her original dream? It’s sad how a person can appear to look like they have the perfect life but feel so empty on the inside. She would put on a bright smile and act as though everything was fine.

I began praying on the inside and said “Lord give me the right words to say to her to heal her broken heart.” As she walked back to the table I said “Jesus loves you and no matter how broken your past was he has a bright future for you.” She then said that she is trapped in a bad relationship. I told her that God has given you the power to walk away and break free. You deserve so much more but you have to realize that. I told her that I will be praying for her. This day took an interesting turn. I was hanging out with my brother in Christ to minister and encourage his soul but I ended up encouraging the young lady at Hooters. I guess you never know what God has in store for your day.

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