Student Makes Teacher Cry


“Can you give me some encouragement.”

“Today is not a good day. I am feeling emotionally exhausted.”

“It feels like nobody understands me.”

In life we have good days and bad days. Nobody is happy all the time. I tell my students all the time, “Don’t let this smile fool you.” I am a teacher but I don’t always feel good. We are all human beings and no matter how rich or poor you are life will throw things your way.

In the beginning of the semester I gave my students a speech I said, “During this school year there will be days you walk into class with an attitude because of the argument you just had with your boyfriend/girlfriend. There will be days you feel like crying because of the physical fight you witnessed between your parents last night. There will be days you come to class with the weight of the world on your shoulder because your family is depending on you to make rent. There will be days where you feel like you made the biggest mistake in your life because of a stupid decision that you made over the weekend. No matter what the situation maybe remember that you are alive and breathing today. It is not the end of the world. On those days you feel lonely look at this collage of all the encouraging notes that your peers left for you. I then stated that I too will look at these on days I am not feeling it.

This wall of encouragement has been such a blessing to my students and I. Sometimes I watch individuals walk up to the collage and just cry because the words are ministering to their hearts. Somedays when I feel exhausted because things aren’t going as planned I begin to read the notes from my little scholars.

I realized that in order for my classroom to run smoothly then we must work together in building each other up. There will be days I build them up and there will be days they build me up. One day as I was working on my lesson for the next day while the students were silent reading a student turned her desk and said “Mr. Towner I said a little prayer for your dad last night.” If you did not read my last blog post I told the story about my father having a stroke a couple of months ago. He almost died because of it. (Fast forward)After school that day I called my mom and began to cry on the phone. I was driving on the 405 and all I could say was “Mom” I began just sobbing. It felt so good to know that no matter how bad my students act up they have my back. I was crying out of joy and sadness. My students go through it every single day. I teach in Watts, California. The worst part in Los Angeles. The fact that the student was able to think about my situation instead of hers that night she prayed for my dad touched my heart.

We need to love each other and be there for one another in this world. There will be less lonely people in this world if we all genuinely showed concern and care for one another. With love we can make it.


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  1. Lost soul says:

    This is so heart warming post.
    I am teacher too. I know these little bunnies are headaches sometimes but they are sweetest.Their love is unconditional.
    A great read.

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    1. deontetowner says:

      Thank you for taking the time to read my post. God is amazing ! He moves me every time.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Lost soul says:

        God is amazing. He works in mysterious ways.

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      2. deontetowner says:

        You right about it!!!

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  2. payman says:

    From one teacher to another, I couldn’t agree with you more!

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    1. deontetowner says:

      Praise God. I am definitely going to subscribe to you. Let’s continue to keep in contact to build one another up.

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      1. payman says:

        I’d like that! New friends are always welcome!

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  3. Very inspiring. Thank you for sharing. You give me hope, to turn things around even in challenging situations. To set and welcome the atmosphere for positivity and inspiration. Many blessings.

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    1. deontetowner says:

      Praise God for freedom and deliverance and the love. God is moving believe it. You have a word too! Keep focused and don’t give up.


  4. Bluebird says:

    This is truly beautiful and touched my heart. Your attitude towards your students is fantastic and what I needed more of in school growing up. Sometimes there’s an external reason for why kids are misbehaving and every single kid is a complicated story that you can’t just label as ‘bad’ or ‘has an attitude problem’ and leave it there. The fact that you understand this and want to support these kids when they might be having serious problems at home is amazing, I take my hat off to you. This encouragement wall is a brilliant idea, I love it!! God bless you ❤️

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    1. deontetowner says:

      Thank you so much for these encouraging words. Glory be to God. Make sure you follow my blog so we can keep in touch☺️🙏🏿

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