You Are Only Hurting Yourself

lacma-lights“I am no longer giving my heart to anyone else.”

“I hate love and everything about it.”

“I am turning cold. I don’t care anymore.”

Those are some of the things people voice out after a heartbreak. People believe the best revenge is turning into a “savage” after someone hurts you. Some people actually vow to be petty since they got cheated on, played, hurt or even pushed away for no reason. People believe that if they act heartless then everything will be better. Little do they know that pretending to be “evil” just because someone else caused harm to your heart will do them justice, but in all actuality they are only hurting themselves. Trust me! I been there done that. When you are a loving person it doesn’t feel good to do evil to others. When you are a loving person it doesn’t hold value to hurt others the way you have been hurt. Sometimes we hurt others so that they can feel the pain we feel inside as well. Someone out there needs your love. Someone out there is depending on you to show them how much value they hold on the inside. Your love has a great influence. You can’t let people win by breaking you. Remember we have all been hurt but that does not give us an excuse to be mean to others.


Please my friend do not allow anyone to turn you cold. God has created a beautiful, loving and a kind gentle soul. Do not allow anyone to stop you from loving. Loving is a gift because so many people have hatred in their heart. So many people do not know how to love because they were never shown it growing up. Your love is contagious and will spread light in dark places.

If you are a hurting soul tonight remember it takes time to move on. You will have your days where you feel completely moved on, and days that are setbacks where it seems like you are at square one again. Whatever stage you are in moving on remember that you will get through it. It took me 5 years to move on from a person once. I remember every night I would cry as though they just broke my heart that day. I know the pain and I know the struggle oh too well. But I thank God for the gift of love because so many people turn heartless after a heartbreak… always giving praises to the Lord above that I didn’t give that gift away…

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  1. Ioana says:

    I hope you find peace and happiness, these two are all that matter xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. deontetowner says:

      Praise God for your words of advice! Let’s continue to uplift each other. Let’s stay in contact !


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