Searching For Love In All The Wrong Places

thank-you-jesus-song-story-card-hillsong-collectedI’ll never forget a couple of years ago when the pastor at church said to the congregation ” Lift up your hands to Heaven..If it feels like no one loves you in this world remember Jesus Christ loves you.” I cried like never before. For years I was doing everything to make this person love me. I was trying to be perfect. I had multiple college degrees, I had a good job, money was flowing in right, my outfits were on point, and I was young and independent. I had all the traits that anyone would want in a partner.

I was exhausting myself by trying to do all the right things. It seemed like all of this wasn’t good enough for them. I began to grow tired and emotionally drained. I realized on that Sunday morning that I was good enough, and I was selling myself short by trying to do everything to keep them in my life. It wasn’t them it was ME. I had to desperately ask myself “What is it in me that is causing me to go to the ends of the earth for a person that doesn’t want to have anything to do with me.”

That Sunday the holy spirit began speaking to me. The holy spirit said, “For years you have been looking for others to fill your spiritual gas tank. Nobody can love you like I do, nobody can treat you like I treat you, and nobody’s love can fill you up like I can. I cried because that was the Sunday that God freed me from my own self desires. I realized that it is Gods will and not mine. For years I was searching for things in others that only God can give me. Everyday I tell God in prayer, “Searched all over couldn’t find nobody. Looked high and low still couldn’t find nobody. Nobody Greater! Nobody Greater. Nobody Greater than you. YOU’RE THE NAME ABOVE ALL NAME.”

You can be free. You do not have to continue to run on empty. Ask the Lord to come into your heart today and let him fill you.

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