Hurting God’s Feelings

11It’s sad that we praise God the most when we hardly have anything, but once he blesses us we forget where he has brought us from. Sometimes I wonder how God feels when we leave him behind. God has feelings too. It’s like doing everything for the person we love and still getting treated badly. That doesn’t even compare to how God feels. We can try to figure it out all day, but God gives us so much grace and mercy. I am so glad that God isn’t like man or even ME because I would have given up a long time on certain people. We live in a world where we make everything about us. My Dreams! My Goals! My Plans! My Life! My Protection! My Time! My View! My Hurt! My Pain! My Voice! My Heart! My Love! My Agenda! My Money! My feelings! My Future! When have we ever thought about how God feels?

Sometimes we get so selfish and we don’t thank God. If you make me feel good God then I will serve you. If you give me what I need then I will be faithful to you God. It’s sad that we have that attitude with God.

I began to thank God today like never before when I was sitting in my car. Sometimes we get so busy that we don’t take time to thank God for all that he has done.  I told God that I’m not asking for anything right now I just want to thank you because you are more than good. When I had no money in the bank you were there. When I was starving and had nothing to eat you provided. When I wanted to kill myself you saved me before it was too late. Now that I’m super busy and you granted me everything that I wanted I make excuse for the time I spend with you.

Forgive me Lord for being ungrateful.

Thank you for not snatching all my blessings away from me because I distanced myself away from you. Thank you for making me aware and giving me another chance to get it right. I give you all the praise and the glory. I’m refocusing and putting you first.

Ps: I am so sorry that we misuse you sometimes God..

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