Stop Boxing God In A Church

I cannot wait until church tomorrow, but I’ve learned that loving God isn’t about going to church every single Sunday. I’ve learned throughout the years growing up and maturing that so many people go to church every single Sunday but do not have the love of God inside of their heart. Some people even think the more they work in the church the better their stance will be with God: false. I remember when I was younger I would allow people to make me feel bad about missing a Sunday of church. This was before I came into an understanding of who God really is. My relationship use to be built on what people dictated to me and their approval. Wow that’s no way to live for him. When you get to know who God is on a personal level then people can’t say things to you to make you feel less than a child of God.

There are too many people in this world trying to tell people how to spend their sabbath. There are too many people trying to force people to come to their church. There are too many people trying to dictate how a person should worship. We as Gods children should not get caught up in that. God did not put us on this earth to make people feel bad or condemn them for missing service on a Sunday.

We should focus on planting the love of God inside of their hearts so they can live freely. A person going to your church is not the solution. We as believers need to start praying and asking God how we should minister to someone instead of trying to pull people to our church’s. Lead people to the cross and not push them away.

God wants you to reach people in the world. God wants you to unleash the love that you have in your heart into the world. It’s all about having an alter in your heart and bringing the love of God with you wherever you go. It’s all about RELATIONSHIP. Even if you don’t go to church on Sundays just take the time out to say lord I thank you and commune with him in your mind, meditate on his word and ask for opportunities to share the gospel with someone you may see at the park or barber shop.. my friend surfs on Sundays and he uses it to feast his mind on bible verses during his sabbath.

God will meet you right where you are. He is not boxed in the building of a church. God is in you, and don’t let anyone tell you different. Have a blessed sabbath everyone.


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  1. True Brother. Our body is the temple of the Holy Ghost, he does not live in building made of hands. Blessings and love 🙂

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    1. deontetowner says:

      Praise God! How have you been Brother?


      1. deontetowner says:

        Hey I have been good. Life is busy but God is still faithful.

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  2. Yes. He remains the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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  3. True belief is within not in the outside

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      1. True belief is within not in the outside….AMEN

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      2. deontetowner says:

        Thanks so much. I hope you’re having a great day bro!!!!


  4. deontetowner says:

    I think you are understanding this post. This is about Christians that are so involved in the church that they are not making time for other things outside the four squared walls. This is for people that go to church all the time and are not doing ministry outside the four squared walls. If you read this post carefully you would understand that I am not going against scripture. But instead it’s for people that have abused the church and made it their god.


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