God Show Me The Snakes

There comes a days in life when you realize that everyone doesn’t have your best interest. People will smile in your face and at the same time stab you in your back. It is important to ask God for spiritual wisdom and discernment. God will lead and guide you towards people that are trustworthy. He will also send warning signs guiding you to back away from dangerous individuals. I learned to listen to God and stop giving people the benefit of the doubt when God has already said NO! If only I knew then what I know now I would’ve been able to avoid numerous amounts of heartbreaks. All in all, every life experience that I’ve been through only made me stronger and more relatable to people that need help. This week ask God to give you strong discernment. Before you fall asleep tonight pray and ask God to show you who your real friends are. I promise that he will reveal but you have to listen to him. Many times we ask God to reveal things to us but when he does we ignore him because we do not want to believe it is so.

But God I love this person.

We’ve been friends for so long.

God this person and I have so many memories together. They can’t be that bad.

God this person and I planned a future together.

Remember God has great plans of success for you. He doesn’t want to see his children fall. At the end of the day God has given us free will. He is not going to force us to listen to him. I pray that you make the right choice when God reveals the truth.

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