No Mistaken Encounter:Blind Date



(Text Message) Hey bro what are you doing tonight?

Me: Nothing just got out of class.. wassup bro?

Friend: Lets go out to eat.

Me: Aight I am down.

I show up at the coffee shop to see a friend. He was caught in traffic so he pulled over at the coffee shop so that we can carpool to the restaurant. I walked into the coffee shop and he says, “Change of plans we are going on a blind date and you are coming.” I am looking lost and confused. I said, “Why didn’t you tell me before I showed up?” He explained to just go with the flow. I then asked him about this girl he was going on a blind date with. The young lady sitting by him on her laptop said that she has a single friend for him and then asked me seconds later if I wanted to join. I was hungry so I didn’t mind.

(Pause)Mind you the girl on her laptop was a stranger to him as well. He just met the girl 5 minutes before I show up.

(Turns to friend)

Me: Are you nervous to meet the girl?

Friend: Nah I am good. I meet a lot of people in my life.

Me: Does she even know what you look like?

Friend: Nah it is not about looks. It is about the intellect that I hold on the inside.

Me: Wow what a pageant answer.

We are both sitting at the coffee table waiting for her friend to show up, so we can hurry and get to the restaurant. I am sitting there smiling because I can’t wait to see this whole encounter turns out. I keep chuckling on the inside because I cannot wait to see everyone’s responses.

The young lady shows up and we both introduce ourselves to her. My friend mentions that he will drive since it is down the street.

(Pause) Mind you we were all strangers to each other. We could be killers, and they could be LADY KILLERS.

We make it to the restaurant and we are having a fantastic time. As we are eating they ask me what is my occupation. I mention to them that I am a high school teacher, and I am currently writing a book. They mention that they are in the masters program for Health. I said my best friend that I went to breakfast with over the weekend is in the same field and she is actually a professor. They looked at each other very awkward. They said wow that sounds like one of our friends. The two young ladies go through their s

ocial media pages and says “Is this her?” I said OMG you know my best friend. My best friend and I grew up in a neighborhood 6 hours away from Los Angeles. It amazes me how my friend and I both met these girls randomly tonight, and we knew the same circle of people. I have only known my friend for 2 and a half months. So him and I are still new friends, but if I didn’t meet him then I would have never met these two young ladies. Everything begins to connect.

After we ate dinner we all decided to go get ice cream. We took a group picture and decided to head back to the coffee shop to drop the girls back at their car. We all hugged and added each other on social media. I gave the two young ladies my website, so they are probably smiling as they are reading this post.

It amazes me how this world is so big, but small at the same time. Valentines day was a blast. We called it PALENTINES day since we all became friends tonight.

It is vitally important to treat people right because you never know who’s connected to who. God works in mysterious ways and there is a reason why we meet certain people in life. I have come to realization that nothing happens just to happen. There is meaning behind everything.

All the love, kindness and new laughs we shared with each other tonight are memories that we will cherish forever. Thank you Jesus for making this an unforgettable spontaneous Valentines night on February 14th 2018 between 4 strangers that you brought together.

Everything happens for a reason.


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  1. Sadah says:

    This us beautiful

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    1. deontetowner says:

      God is awesome ☺️


      1. Sadah says:

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