I Defend You In My Own Mind

An Open Letter To..

As months passed by you said that we were a team. I took that to heart because you said that we made the best team in the world. I know it sounds cheesy but you begin to see life differently and you let your years of guards down when you start to fall for someone. Every soldier in your heart begins to lay down its weapons and allows for love to come in. Dealing with you made me forget about everyone that has hurt me. Sometimes when I lay in bed I begin to think of you and smile because you made me feel ways that I haven’t felt in a long time. You made me find my smile. I still have so much love for you, but I would never let you back in because someone that claims to really loves me wouldn’t make me feel worthless in the way you made me feel by walking away. There’s a difference in walking away with respect but you walked away making me feel like I was nothing. For some reason I still speak highly of you whenever anyone ask about you. I even fight myself over the negative thoughts I think about you. When my mind tries to tell me that you are no good, and you are ruthless for walking away I defend you in my own mind…

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  1. Ravisingh says:

    Superb! Great post.I loved it.
    Hv a great day.Thank you for reading and liking my post today!

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