Are Jealous People Attacking You? No One Messes With A Child of God

I don’t care how many people come against you.

I don’t care how many demons the devil uses to distract you.

I don’t care how many army’s arise against the plan that God has over your life.

Who can separate us from the love of Jesus?

Who can stand against us when we call upon the name of Jesus?

Who can defeat us when the God almighty lives inside of us?

Who can win the victory after Jesus Christ has died on the cross for our sins?

Life may stress you out at times, but remember the promises that God has made you. Too many people have been praying for you to give up now. God is on your side! Sometimes you may feel like you’re fighting a never ending battle but no devil in hell can stop you from shining.

Continue to walk in the purpose of God. Hold your head up high and don’t become dismayed, discouraged or weary. The people that are coming against you should be the ones feeling scared because no one messes with a child of God.

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  1. Nat says:

    Well, you just spoke to me. Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

    1. deontetowner says:

      Praise God my sister!

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