Unplugging From Negativity

This week I learned that if you don’t speak up then people will weigh your spirit down and you’ll turn into everyone else.. break free even if you have to cry and walk away from people that once had your back. Do what you need to do to become whole and gain your freedom back..

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  1. Jen Kennedy says:

    I’ve been in this situation many times. I never knew what battles to pick and so I allowed people to walk all over me all the time. Then I finally learned how to say no and walk away. 🙂

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    1. deontetowner says:

      I always tell my students saying no or walking away doesn’t make you weak.. it actually builds up your self control and strengthens your character!

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  2. DREW5000G says:

    From waday my seed knew a lone wolf is strong, you feel a certain way, do not be swayed, stick to you and you will be ok. Back when all his mates picked utd, he was the only one went with City. I was proud that day. Do you and let the haters hate

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