Famous YouTubers Are Promoting My Book to Help My Students!

I am so grateful for Justin J and his consultant Mrs. Kelley for promoting my cause on Justin J blog page; God has put it in my heart to give 40% of my book earnings to my students that are in need. So many people have been promoting my book and helping me get my purpose out there to reach everyone. Justin and Mrs. Kelley didn’t have to help me but they did. I learned that you should always be grateful and you can never over thank someone for the kindness that they do. Mrs. Kelley and Justin J have very busy schedules and they were able to make time for a young teacher all the way in Los Angeles, California because they care about my students. You never know who God will use to help you out. It pays to be nice to people.

What is your purpose for selling this book?

Dear Blog Family,

I am writing to inform you that I have written a book called Pieces In The Dark, I released it three days ago and out of 23,000 books it is was ranked at # 274 on Amazon. I was wondering if you can support a teacher that is trying to impact this generation by purchasing the book. 40 percent of my earnings will go to my students next year.

I want to continue to be able to bless my students with prom tickets and school supplies. A lot of my students get robbed and beat up by gang members on their way home and they often come to class empty handed and bruised up. I teach high school English in Watts California and it is a low income area. Also, I want to be able to bless a couple of students with year books as well. Thank you so much for reading this message.

The link will be attached below with all the information. Also please when you say your prayers please pray for all schools across the nation, so that God can continue to camp his angels around campuses with everything that is going on in the world. Once again thanks.




Pieces in the Dark holds many truths about the human emotions. The short heartfelt vignettes include emotional stories of heartbreak, love gone wrong, moving on, loss, identity, spirituality and a strong lust for inner freedom. Everything becomes into question and the meaning of life is then changed by all the events that occur throughout life. Is it possible to find joy and happiness in a world full of chaos? Does depression go away? Or, does it hibernate for awhile? What happens when the lights turn on and all your secrets are brought to the light? Every page will have you whispering “me too”.

I need you!

Can you please post my link, Description and the picture of my book cover to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and snap chat pages please and thank you. All the support is greatly appreciated.


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