Church Camp ROCKED

We serve a great big God. This year I was honored and blessed to be one of the youth leaders at church camp. The church had a 3 day event in San Diego. Our youth got to stay in the dorms. We went to the beach, had service at night and also had an all you can eat spot for breakfast lunch and dinner. It felt like I was a teenager again and I was on vacation. It was a blessing to see the youth from the church praising God and on fire for Jesus Christ. The band from the church played and rocked the house. By the last night the kids were crying and on the floor because the Holy Spirit was so heavy. Many of them opened up about what was going on in their life and we all began to pray for each other. I had a 11 year old boy pray for me.

It’s amazing how God can use anyone no matter how young or old they maybe. We have to humble ourselves and let God use who he chooses to use. My group of middle schoolers poured into me as I was their camp counselor. I told the young people to keep this same energy when we get back to church and they get back to school. God has broken so many chains in their life. I also mentioned to them not to listen to the lies of the devil. He will tell them all kinds of lies when they get home from camp. I told them the same experience you had tonight is the same experience you can have anywhere. God is Love and he is everywhere. Even though there is so many crazy things going on in the world today there are still young people on fire for Jesus Christ!

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    1. deontetowner says:

      It was a blessing. I’m still feasting on the move of God!

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