I Am Not Happy With Who I Am. I Want To Be Someone Else…

Dear blog family,

We live in a world where our news feed and timeline is constantly updating. We see Instagram models, are friends on vacation with their significant other, other families that look like they are having a way better time than us and people around the world making huge changes in their neighborhoods. If we are not confident in who we are all of those scenarios can leave us feeling hopeless, negative, mean spirited, jealous, bitter, angry and at rage with ourselves. A small voice in our head may say “Wow you are such a failure you haven’t achieved none of those things, your life really does suck, you are such a lazy bum, why are you still single something must be wrong with you.” The sad thing is that there are worse things our mind can tell us.

It is so important to focus on what God has for you and how he is blessing you. Yeah you may not be on television but that doesn’t mean that your blessing is smaller than theirs. We have to stop comparing ourselves to everyone, and start being happy for the experience we have in our life. Don’t live life constantly looking at others. “I want to be an athlete and super tall.” Well maybe you are horrible at sports but God has blessed you with a different gift. FOCUS ON THAT!

I am a high school teacher and a writer. I focus on those two things the most because that is what I am really good at. I ended up getting Teacher of the year and my new book is a success. I refuse to live my life comparing to everyone else because life is too short and I choose to be happy. Imagine if you focused on your strengths and improved them. I just want to be who God created me to be and reach my fullest potential. I pray that you stop looking at everyone and just focus on God. Let him lead and guide you every single step of the way. I promise you good things will follow.

By the way please purchase and check out my newest book titled “Pieces in the Dark: Turn on the Light” available on Amazon. 40% is going towards my students finances for education.


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  1. simplywendi says:

    Amen, and amen!!!!!

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    1. deontetowner says:

      I pray this encourages you my sister!

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      1. simplywendi says:

        your blog always encourages me brother!

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