Loving People Regardless of their Beliefs

Running this race for Christ isn’t easy. We meet people from all different walks of life. We meet people that have the same beliefs as us and others on the opposite spectrum. Our goal on this earth should be to build the kingdom up and to minister to others about who God is so that they accept his son Jesus inside of their heart. I live in Los Angeles California and I’ve met people who have talked badly about Christ. My younger self would get mad and defensive. I would usually say a few words with emotion built behind it and then I will storm off…


I learned that Christ doesn’t need people getting mad for him. Christ doesn’t need people to attack others for not believing in him. It is our job to love others and tell them who Christ is and plant that seed inside. They may receive it and may not. Sometimes us believers get so mad because we know the joy of living for Christ and we so desperately want others to experience that same love. If we storm away from everyone that denounces Jesus how else will they hear the word of God. How else will they be ministered too. Everyday we wake up our prayer should be let me get out of self and minister to others. Don’t allow your emotions to run people away from the cross. Be patient. In all things do with Jesus Christ and you will never go wrong. Plant the seed and Christ will take care of the rest.

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  1. This was soooooooo gooooddddd!!!!

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    Deonte, you are correct . The question that we often miss asking after we awaken,thanking God for allowing us another day *not promised *..is asking Him what He knows will make us effective witnesses for His Sake, and not necessarily represent what we think will please Him. Few remember that in order to do so,leaves the Job of leading people to the Father,to the One God Sent,and that can only be Christ. “Many are called, but few are Chosen. ” God’s blessings on your endeavors, Deonte!

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    1. deontetowner says:

      Thanks for being open and honest. I am praying to the dear Lord that he continues to lead and guides you..


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