Men Experience Rape Too

It’s 2019 and we still have people that say “sexual assault and rape doesn’t happen to guys.. it’s not a problem among men..” one of my students asked “Why don’t men come out and share their stories..?” How many times have men in the past shared what happened to them at a party or when they were younger and others attacked that persons story or they publicly shamed him and now he is looked or marked as “gay”.. this world is soooo toxic. Could you imagine a teenage boy in high school sharing his story and how many guys would sneak diss him, laugh, question his story as though he’s lying or bully him..Everything is “funny”.. and made into a joke or meme.. while everyone on social media is screaming “Get rid of toxic people..” I’ve never been raped but I’m a huge advocate against violence on our bodies.. and negative remarks about others stories need to stop.. we need to stop saying things like “none of my friends have been raped.. all my guy friends are good..” y’all don’t understand the ignorance I hear on the daily on social media or in public areas.. I also understand this issue affects women too.. but this post is only about the issues men go through.

unapologetically written by @deontetowner💡

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  1. Companion says:

    Very true. The society does not give validation to men’s stories of rape.

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