Today I am 26 Years Young

On February 28th 1992 a king was born at 2:20pm by the royal parents of Emily and Joseph Towner. (Me on the left) eating cake, chicken and fruit punch! If I had a billion tongues I STILL wouldn’t be able to thank God enough. I am so grateful to see another birthday. Throughout my day…

It Pains Me

It pains me to hear someone say, “i will be genuinely happy when…” and I’m like why does it only have to be when “THAT” happens? Why can’t it be now!? Oh! I know why because you are choosing not to be happy! Happiness is a choice not an ultimatum people.

Protect Yourself

Sometimes you have to protect yourself from the people you love by setting clear and consistent boundaries.

U Switched Teams On Me

Even though we are no longer a team all I do is think about you at night before I fall asleep… Sometimes the same ones that say they’ll never do you like that be the main ones.. You told me that you loved me too much to keep hurting me and you said the best…

Late Night Motivation To Walk Away

There is a price that comes with success. People do not always like you and they are not always happy for you. You have to start surrounding yourself around people that reflect who you are. People that want the best for you want you to be your best. I hope this motivates someone out there…