Unplugging From Negativity

This week I learned that if you don’t speak up then people will weigh your spirit down and you’ll turn into everyone else.. break free even if you have to cry and walk away from people that once had your back. Do what you need to do to become whole and gain your freedom back..

Go Away And Get Your Mind Right

Have you ever had one of those days where you wanted to be left alone?…and you pushed everyone away..not because you were mad at anyone but only because you wanted time to reflect on everything and get your mind right..

Today I am 26 Years Young

On February 28th 1992 a king was born at 2:20pm by the royal parents of Emily and Joseph Towner. (Me on the left) eating cake, chicken and fruit punch! If I had a billion tongues I STILL wouldn’t be able to thank God enough. I am so grateful to see another birthday. Throughout my day…

It Pains Me

It pains me to hear someone say, “i will be genuinely happy when…” and I’m like why does it only have to be when “THAT” happens? Why can’t it be now!? Oh! I know why because you are choosing not to be happy! Happiness is a choice not an ultimatum people.

God Show Me The Snakes

There comes a days in life when you realize that everyone doesn’t have your best interest. People will smile in your face and at the same time stab you in your back. It is important to ask God for spiritual wisdom and discernment. God will lead and guide you towards people that are trustworthy. He…

I Never Wanted Us To Become Strangers

After everything was said and done we reconnected. I loved you deeper than I’ve ever loved an individual. You literally knocked down the “do not disturb” sign in front of my heart and somehow you maneuvered into the deepest areas that nobody has ever reached. You walked out of my life with a simple sorry…