My New Book Is Officially AVAILABLE

😇My new book “Secretly Unhappy” is officially available on Amazon. It is only $5.00. Please click the link at the bottom of this post if you would like to purchase. Also, 100% of my proceeds from the book are going to be given to college Freshman’s so they can afford groceries for their first month…

New Book Coming Soon: Snippet

😭This is the big secret that I’ve been hiding from you all. I am extremely excited.. my newest book “Secretly Unhappy: please don’t tell” 💔💔drops in a few days. It will only be $5.00 on Amazon. I cannot hold back the emotions that I have right now. I put everything in this book of poems….

Men Experience Rape Too

It’s 2019 and we still have people that say “sexual assault and rape doesn’t happen to guys.. it’s not a problem among men..” one of my students asked “Why don’t men come out and share their stories..?” How many times have men in the past shared what happened to them at a party or when…

Before You Get into a Relationship

Before you get into a relationship, pray and meditate.. sit down and think about what you want in a partner.. don’t just jump into a relationship because it seems like everyone is in one, or because you are tired of being alone or you NEED someone to make you feel complete on the inside.. only…

Everyone Is Moving Forward and I Am Stuck In the Past

Have you ever been in a place in your life where it seemed like everyone was moving forward. Everyone was doing their own thing, but you just started to feel stuck. I don’t mean career wise but mentally you felt stuck. There was a person in your life that hurt you so bad, but they…

You Don’t Even Realize

…you don’t realize how emotionally damaged and beat down you are until you’re trying to do everything to protect their feelings even after they continually hurt you… you try your hardest never to disrespect them and you do everything to make them feel good because you don’t want them to experience the hurt you’re feeling…

That Lonely Feeling at Night Creeps Up

Being alone has nothing to do with if you’re single or in a relationship.. you can have a family, kids and a partner and still go to sleep feeling alone.. that’s why before we go to sleep at night we need to send up prayers that God comforts the lonely souls out there.. you can…

I’m Done With Insecure People in My Life

People that don’t want to see you grow love using the lines: “You switched up..” “You think you’re better than everyone now..” “You think you’re all that..” make sure you drop so called “friends” that try to make you feel bad for your blessings, success and growth..and stop lowering your intelligence just to make others…

Don’t Take It Personal

Y’all please please please don’t forget this.. you have a good heart don’t allow anyone to take that away from you.. don’t let them turn you mean like everyone else🙌🏽

Celebrating Love

Today I decided to celebrate my students that are in relationships. Celebrate love and their anniversaries. Being in a relationship in high school is not easy.. I wanted the couples to know they have support.. also celebrating my crew #mylunchtimecrew #theeoutsiders

Graduation Day is finally Here 831vsEverybody

Nothing more dangerous to society than an educated Black man. Words cannot describe how excited I am today. Soaking it all in. All the glory belongs to God. Salinas we ain’t done yet.. 4 degrees completed✅PhD here I come🎓

Special Guest On the Drippy Faucet Show

I feel so honored and blessed to have the opportunity to share my story on the @drippy_jflow show. I was able to talk about my hometown Salinas, my students and classroom Pedagogies, spiritual journey with God, past relationships, struggles, words of encouragement.. and what’s next for Deonte’. I told him to ask me anything. I…

I’m Finally Graduating with my Masters!

Tried committing suicide 3 times, GOD said not so.. he said I’m raising you up to be an 1. Accomplished Author 2. Teacher 3. Empowerment coach 4. Trauma/PTSD advocate for underprivileged Black and Latino communities. 5. AND an encourager/connector so people feel less alone by my transparency. Do it for GOD, and not the applause🙏🏽…

Stop looking for validation in other people on social media

This letter is to encourage everyone out there today. Hundreds of people every year kill themselves over mean comments people write about them on social media. Social media can be a beautiful place but it can always be a cruel place. My students sometimes come up to me and cry while I’m at my desk…

My Friend Called Crying

One of my friends called me and said that he’s struggling in sin and that he feels so far away from God. I reminded him that our relationship with God is not based on feeling and he knows that you’re trying. Don’t beat yourself up because God has forgiven you, just keep praying.

Spoke About Race and Racism

Living out my dreams everyday. I had the honor to be able to present my curriculum Race and Racism and how to incorporate discussions in a classroom space at California State University Fullerton. I met so many inspiring advocates in Los Angeles, Ca and Oakland. Thank you all for purchasing my book and supporting the…

Valentine’s Day Makes Me Sad

You have too much to live for and be thankful for to be sad on Valentine’s Day. God has blessed you tremendously you should be ashamed complaining about how single you are.. ungrateful. What God has for you it’s for you and right now you’re not meant to be in a relationship.

An Open Letter to Anxiety

Dear Anxiety, You had me waking up in the middle of the night. I felt tired and burned out. My eye lids were tired but I couldn’t catch a break because everything that I had to complete in the future had my mind racing. I began to question everything. I began to question how all…

Student Field Trip

A couple of educators and I took our students on a college tour so they can see life outside of their neighborhoods. We had so much fun. They are the future presidents, lawyers, doctors, performers, athletes the list goes on and on. My Black and Latino students have big doors ahead of them. God is…

Walking Away.. self connection

if you want to look at encouraging, connectable, spiritual, moving on powerful quotes as your wallpaper everyday on your phone here you go.. I will be releasing four new backgrounds ones once a week❤️ #week2

Phone Wallpapers Made By Me

if you want to look at encouraging, connectable, spiritual, moving on powerful quotes as your wallpaper everyday on your phone here you go.. I will be releasing four new backgrounds ones once a week.

I’m Still In Shock

I still can’t believe God blessed me with my own book.. I was in a dark space in my life because my dad almost died and had a stroke so I used all the strength that he gave me to pour my heart in this.. so many emails daily about how my book touched lives….

When there is Nothing Left to Give

Can’t force anyone to love you or be there for you.. no matter how many times you were there for them.. the heart wants what the heart wants and if their heart doesn’t want you it’s easy for them to look over all the things you’ve done for them.. @deontetowner

Thanks for all the love in my Inbox

Being able to wake up in the morning to encouraging messages in my inbox is a blessing.. when you put out positive energy into the world it returns back.. all the LOVE. Glory be to God.

The Pain in my Eyes

Sorry y’all.. I didn’t mean to get all deep but the more encounters I have with people in life it’s evident that we live in a world full of hurt souls.. We all collectively gotta love more to warm this cold world. Forget all the differences we have and come together because the colder this…