Make Time For Your Dreams Before Time Passes You By

I’ve only had my blog for about two month now. I have been getting so much love and support from you all. I wanted to take my blog to the next level, so I decided to design my own business cards. I am so excited for this journey. It only goes up from here. It…

Unplugging From Negativity

This week I learned that if you don’t speak up then people will weigh your spirit down and you’ll turn into everyone else.. break free even if you have to cry and walk away from people that once had your back. Do what you need to do to become whole and gain your freedom back..

Today I am 26 Years Young

On February 28th 1992 a king was born at 2:20pm by the royal parents of Emily and Joseph Towner. (Me on the left) eating cake, chicken and fruit punch! If I had a billion tongues I STILL wouldn’t be able to thank God enough. I am so grateful to see another birthday. Throughout my day…

It Pains Me

It pains me to hear someone say, “i will be genuinely happy when…” and I’m like why does it only have to be when “THAT” happens? Why can’t it be now!? Oh! I know why because you are choosing not to be happy! Happiness is a choice not an ultimatum people.

My Sins Have Made Me Numb To Gods Presence

No matter how lonely you feel throughout your day, no matter how deep in sin you’re in.. remember that God is always standing there. God will bring you back when it seems as though you strayed too far away and your sins have made you numb to his presence..We serve a forgiving God..

Protect Yourself

Sometimes you have to protect yourself from the people you love by setting clear and consistent boundaries.

I Regret So Much It Hurts On The Inside

Maybe you did something yesterday that you regret. Maybe you made the biggest mistake of your life yesterday. Maybe something horribly unexpected happened yesterday that changed everything. Maybe someone walked out of your life yesterday that you thought you needed forever. Maybe God did not open that door that you thought he should’ve. Maybe someone…

I Never Wanted Us To Become Strangers

After everything was said and done we reconnected. I loved you deeper than I’ve ever loved an individual. You literally knocked down the “do not disturb” sign in front of my heart and somehow you maneuvered into the deepest areas that nobody has ever reached. You walked out of my life with a simple sorry…

Searching For Love In All The Wrong Places

I’ll never forget a couple of years ago when the pastor at church said to the congregation ” Lift up your hands to Heaven..If it feels like no one loves you in this world remember Jesus Christ loves you.” I cried like never before. For years I was doing everything to make this person love…

Morning Prayer

Dear God, Thank you for forgiving me over and over for the same thing. Lord there are days where I say I promise I won’t do it anymore but still I go back and do it again. Help me break the cycle so I can live fully and freely in you. You never walked out…