Poetry & Prose

Pieces in the Dark: Turn the Light On Published in 2018

Description: Pieces in the Dark holds many truths about the human emotions. The short heartfelt vignettes include emotional stories of heartbreak, love gone wrong, moving on, loss, identity, spirituality and a strong lust for inner freedom. Everything becomes into question and the meaning of life is then changed by all the events that occur throughout life. Is it possible to find joy and happiness in a world full of chaos? Does depression go away? Or, does it hibernate for awhile? What happens when the lights turn on and all your secrets are brought to the light? Every page will have you whispering “me too”.

Secretly Unhappy: please don’t tell Published in 2019

Description: For those that portray to be living their best life, but secretly cry all night behind closed doors tossing and turning with the covers and sheets all over the place, the alarm clock ringing reminding you to put back on your mask and pretend to be happy for all the people you are going to see throughout your day…

Fading Into the Clouds Published in 2021

Description: A book of poetry that will change the way you think about love, moving on, past hurts, toxic relationships, self reflection, spirituality, anxiety and depression. For those that keep constantly finding and losing themselves throughout the waves of life. The constant pressures from society to be happy while dealing with depression and anxiety. Fading Into the Clouds is a beautiful piece of art that captures the human experience and the longing of self love, inner freedom, personal past traumas and mental health issues. My anxiety and depression are starting to become soulmates. Every time I split the two they find reasons to be together again. Still holding on to hope for this bad dream to be over one day.

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